How to Descale a Keurig Mini with Vinegar or Descaling Solution

Keurig coffee machines are the newest on the market, with a revolutionary K-Cups idea gaining a lot of traction. You’ll gradually fall in love with the taste and the coffee because they’re so good.

As simple as advanced one-cup coffee machines, they require routine maintenance and care to keep them in good operating conditions. To maintain optimum form, you must clean and descale them every 3-6 months.

The 2 processes below will work with all small Keurig coffee makers including the Keurig Mini or Mini Plus.

How to Descale a Keurig Mini with Vinegar

On the exterior, your coffee machine may appear to be brand new, but a quick check into the water tank reveals a slew of dirty mineral deposits.

You’ll also find coffee grinds scattered along the edges of the brewer handle once you open it.

Although you clean up the drip tray’s surface whenever you wipe the countertops, it rapidly becomes filthy. 

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Here are some steps to follow to descale Keurig mini with Vinegar:

  1. Remove the water level guide first. This will allow the vinegar to penetrate the water reservoir’s holes and crevices.
  2. Remove the drip tray from the coffee machine’s base. 
  3. The funnel in which the K-cups are placed can be difficult to remove, but it can be done with caution. Just remember that there’s a sharp needle both within the funnel and on the brewer’s handle.
  4. Brush the coffee grounds from all the components of the brewer handle with a clean brush immersed in the white vinegar solution.
  5. Further down, where the funnel was, there will be coffee grinds. Cover the toothbrush in a towel that has been soaked in vinegar. Gently insert it into the funnel opening and clean the region.
  6. Add 10 oz. white vinegar in the water reservoir.
  7. On the base or drip tray, place a ceramic cup. Remove the brewer handle. Drop the brewer handle after 5 seconds. The blue flashing “BREW” button should be pressed. It will flash red before becoming solid red.
  8. To keep the vinegar from spilling out, place the funnel back into the machine.
  9. Throw the hot content into the sink once the vinegar has gone through the coffee maker.
  10. Repeat the process, but this time turn off the coffee machine as soon as the button turns solid red. Allow 30 minutes for it to sit. Restart the coffee machine and push the “BREW” button after lifting and lowering the brewer handle. Dump the hot vinegar in the sink and rinse the ceramic mug after it has cooled.
  11. In the meantime, as the vinegar is absorbing, clean all of the leftover parts.
  12. After the second vinegar wash, clean any leftovers that remain with the toothbrush. Clean the sides of the water tank with a damp cloth, as well as other parts that have been loosely brushed.
  13. Fill the water tank with 10 oz. of freshwater to get rid of the vinegar odor. Raise and drop the brewer handle, then push the “BREW” button with the ceramic cup placed on the front. Once the hot water has passed through, pour it into the sink. Repeat this process two-three times to completely remove the vinegar from the Keurig coffee machine.
  14. Put back the water level guide in the reservoirs. Take a look at how spotless it looks inside!
  15. Place the funnel and drip tray to their original positions.
  16. After reassembling everything, clean the outside of the coffee machine with a moist towel. Clean it well until it sparkles with a dry towel!

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You now have a clean Keurig coffee maker that works like new and is set to brew a coffee.

How to Descale a Keurig Mini with Descaling Solution

The following stuff is required while descaling a Keurig machine with a descaling solution.

  • A large ceramic mug 
  • A bottle of Keurig descaling solution 

It should take roughly 45 minutes to complete the process.

Let’s get this started.

  1. Fill the water reservoir with one-third of the Keurig descaling solution and ten ounces of freshwater. On the drip tray, place a ceramic cup.
  2. Lift and drop the handle, but leave the K Cup pod out.
  3. Now press the “BREW” button.
  4. Discard the heated contents into the sink once the solution has been dispensed.
  5. Repeat the procedure, but this time, as soon as the brew indicator light gets solid, turn off the Brewer before it starts dispensing.
  6. Allow at least 30 minutes for the Brewer to cool.
  7. Hold the brew button down until the solution starts to dispense, then press and hold the button down until all of the solutions have been dispensed.
  8. Pour the contents of the container into the sink.
  9. Now perform a cleansing brew using 12 oz of freshwater only.
  10. At this moment, do not use a descaling solution.
  11. This procedure should be repeated two more times, and your Brewer should now be descaled and ready to brew cures.

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The descaling solution is odorless and quick-acting. However, as previously indicated, you can descale your Brewer with white vinegar. It will take roughly 4 hours to complete.

Final Thoughts

Keurig Single Serve Coffee machines are fantastic for giving you that authentic coffee taste. Due to the coffee ground, K-Cups are very different from instant coffee and provide a more genuine coffee experience.

If you clean your Keurig coffee machine once every 3-6 months, it will last longer and provide you with fresh coffee all the time.

So, try to follow the methods outlined above to extend the life of your Keurig Brewer and ensure that you always have clean and fresh coffee.

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