Can Keurig Make Tea?

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It’s scientific evidence that opposites attract. So it’s only natural that one household might have a coffee lover and a tea lover! And even though most coffee lovers are loyal to a fault, there might be a few people out there who do go back and forth between the two.

Well, coffee and tea lovers can both rejoice because our beloved Keurig coffee makers can make both!

Just as a side note, the good news is that both the household and Keurig coffee maker for office type models are both capable of making tea.

All Keurig Models Can Make Hot Tea

These versatile little magic machines never cease to amaze us! You might be surprised to learn that not only can a Keurig coffee maker make tea, but some can even make tea in multiple different ways. Let’s take a look at your options for brewing tea with a Keurig and see how the process looks.

Making Tea with K-Cups

Did you know they actually make K-cups specifically designed for tea? Plus, there are tons of options out there for you to try. They also work with the cheaper non Keurig branded machines. For example, Two Rivers has a 40-count assortment of tea that has different tea flavors raining from classic Earl Grey to the popular chai tea to a variety of fruit-infused teas, not to mention classics such as Lipton, Luzianne, or Celestial that each offer K-cups with their respective teas.

To brew these tea K-cups, it’s the same process as brewing a cup of coffee. Just fill the reservoir with the desired amount of water, pop the K-cup in the compartment, close the lid, and press brew. It’s that simple. It’s a good idea to run a water cycle through the machine before and after you brew your tea, so you don’t get a coffee flavor in your tea, or vice versa.

Many people have used the reusable K-cup to make tea as well. You can either put a regular tea bag inside of it, or a serving size of loose-leaf tea, and then brew as normal. While many people have had great success brewing tea this way, the Keurig brand does not recommend it, as the tea can become loose and clog up the machine.

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Brewing Iced Tea With K-Cups

The method above is great for hot tea lovers, but what if you want a nice, refreshing glass of iced tea? Your Keurig can do that as well! Many of the same brands we listed above also sell special K-cups designed to make iced tea. For example, Lipton has their classic, unsweetened fresh-brewed Lipton iced tea K-cups that work with any Keurig machine. To make it, you will brew it hot, but on the medium setting. Have it brew directly into a large cup filled with ice. Avoid glass as the temperature change can cause cracks or breakage. Once the tea has brewed, give it a stir to chill it all the way through, and then enjoy. They even have a southern sweet tea option!

Make Tea With Hot Water

The Keurig K-Elite comes with a button you can press to deliver straight hot water. This is perfect if you prefer to make tea the old-fashioned way, with a tea bag or loose leaf tea and a diffuser. When you make tea this way, you won’t have to worry about getting a coffee taste in your tea. This will also save you money over buying tea K-cups.

The process is super simple. All you have to do is fill up the diffuser or open your tea bag and put it in your mug. Put the mug under the dispenser, and press the hot water button. Let your tea steep for a few minutes and you’re ready to go.

If your Keurig machine doesn’t have this option, don’t fret. You can still get hot water from your Keurig within a few minutes. First, make sure there are no K-cups inside the chamber. Then simply run the machine as you would normally. Instead of coffee, a stream of hot water will stream out from your machine. If you’re having issues and your machine doesn’t start up when you press brew, try opening and closing the top.

When using this method, you should run at least one cycle through before using the water to make your tea, as you would if making tea using a tea pod. This is to avoid getting that coffee flavor in your tea. You won’t need to run a rinse cycle after making your tea, however, since it’s not inside the machine.

Keurig Is Perfect For Coffee and Tea Lovers

Clearly, Keurig is marketed towards the coffee lover, but they are very versatile machines! If you have been wasting your valuable time boiling water every morning for your cup of tea when you have a Keurig sitting right on your counter, try one of these methods next time and see how simple brewing tea at home can be.

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