Can I Grind Coffee in a Ninja Blender?

grinding coffee in a ninja blender

Anyone who’s ever owned a Ninja blender has probably wondered if they can use it for grinding coffee beans. You can grind all the ingredients for your favorite smoothies, so why not beans too?

While most people who brew their own coffee beans would suggest grinding inside of a proper bean grinder, you can definitely use a Ninja blender as a last resort. You can grind coffee beans in any Ninja blender on the market. These blenders can grind hard ice, almonds, cashews, spinach, and frozen chunks of vegetables and fruits. Blending coffee beans is easy.

How to Blend Coffee Beans in a Ninja Blender

To blend coffee beans in a Ninja blender, you want to have a small, single-serve cup attached to the blender blades. The smaller the cup the better because it will give you more control over your blend and more power over your beans.

If you’re one of those people who likes super fine grinds, it’s easier to get it with a smaller cup. It’s also easier to stop before the grinds get too fine, giving you coarse coffee grounds best for your Keurig or Ninja coffee maker.

You want to put a reasonable number of beans into the cup for blending. If you overload the cup too much, your grind could become inconsistent and you could end up with too many granules. The less beans you put in the cup, the more uniform the final blend will be.

It’s recommended that when using a standard pitcher instead of a single-serve cup, you use approximately 1 full cup of beans. When blending, forget about the pulse setting. You want to have the blender on full blast for about 30 seconds, depending on how fine you want your grinds.

When using a normal single-serve cup for blending your coffee beans, use the pulse setting. For a nice fine grind, try using the pulse blend about 12 times. This should give you a perfect cup of coffee grounds to use right away for your favorite coffee.

Keep in mind that you should only use your Ninja blender for grinding coffee beans if it’s absolutely necessary. A coffee grinder is much better and offers a higher quality grind for your coffee machine. Grinding coffee beans in a Ninja blender is only recommended as a last resort or if you have the special spices and coffee beans attachment specifically designed for this task.

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Can Ninja Blender Grind Dry Ingredients?

Ninja blenders can grind dry ingredients. They can realistically grind anything you put in them. However, dry ingredients aren’t really recommended. Just like with coffee beans, grinding dry ingredients in your Ninja blender should be a last resort.

There is a reason why spice grinders exist. Everything serves a purpose, and when you need to grind dry ingredients, you should have the proper tool for that. Ninja blenders are designed for smoothies and shakes, with soft food ingredients.

This means Ninja blenders shouldn’t be used excessively for blending hot liquids, things like mashed potatoes, dried fruit, coffee beans, whole spices, and other dry ingredients.

That being said, Ninja blenders will still work with dry ingredients. However, you get better results the more powerful your blender is. If you have a small personal blender that only produces 250 watts of power, your dry ingredients aren’t going to be grinded very well. The bigger the Ninja blender, the more effective it will be at grinding spices and other dry ingredients.

Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Ninja Master Prep?

The Ninja Master Prep is one of the best personal grinders ever created. This amazing little machine may look kind of weak, but it’s actually a powerhouse. The Master Prep can be used for grinding coffee beans, chopping onions, tearing apart spices, and of course making a delicious smoothie.

The Ninja Master Prep even comes included with a chopper bowl for those who want to dice their veggies. This is one of the better grinders when it comes to coffee beans. That’s because it was designed to do everything, from crushing to blending, and from pulverizing to chopping!

When using the Ninja Master Prep, you can grind a full cup of coffee beans in under thirty seconds!

Can I Grind Spices in Ninja Blender?

You can grind spices in a Ninja blender, yes. You can grind virtually anything inside of a quality Ninja blender. However, results may vary. If you want to get the most out of grinding spices, coffee beans, and other dry ingredients, you need the Ninja Coffee & Spice Grinder Attachment.

With this special attachment, dry grinding is incredibly easy. The attachment is designed specifically for spices and coffee beans. It has a capacity of 12 tablespoons. It can pulverize small seeds, very tough spices, and hard coffee beans. The attachment is compatible with all the Auto-iQ versions of the Ninja blender.

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