How Hot Does Keurig Water Get?

Keurig machines take the long process of making a cup of coffee in the morning and simplify and quicken the task. We love saving time during our busy work week, but how does Keurig get the water hot so quickly, and how hot exactly is the water inside our Keurig?

Let’s dive into it (just metaphorically of course because that stuff’s hot)!

Just How Hot Does The Water Get?

One question that is asked about Keurig machines quite often is just how hot does that water actually get? Keurig states that the maximum temperature for water inside the machines is 192 degrees Fahrenheit. That means they do not quite reach boiling temperature, which is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people have had the idea to put hot water in their Keurig to reach hotter temperatures, but this is not recommended as it can damage the components of your coffee maker.

How Do Keurig’s Heat Water?

Another common question about the temperature on Keurig machines is how it brews coffee and other popular favourites so quickly. This depends on exactly what machine you have. The older models begin preheating water as soon as you turn on your machine. As long as the machine is on, it will keep preheated water ready to brew your next cup in an instant.

The newer machines heat the water and brew the coffee at the same time. These machines use small metal tubes to heat up small amounts of water which is much quicker than heating up large amounts of water at the same time.

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Which Machines Have Multiple Temperature Settings?

The newest and most high-tech Keurig machines now have different temperature settings, which increase the range of options we have for our coffee, even for the best non coffee k cups. The following single-serving machines each have temperature settings:

  • K Supreme Plus SMART (6 settings)
    • K Supreme Plus (3 settings)
    • Keurig K-Elite Single (adjust temperature between 187 and 192 degrees)

Keurig Coffee Temperatures: An Experiment

Okay, so we know that the coffee is brewed at around 192 degrees, but how hot is the coffee coming out of the machine? Just A Dad, a YouTuber who makes helpful videos on a variety of subjects, made a great video with a detailed review of the Keurig K Supreme Plus Coffee Maker (see below). Spoiler alert, he loves his Keurig! He did some temperature testing so that you don’t have to!

He measured the highest setting, the lowest setting, and the iced coffee setting. On the highest temperature setting, the coffee came out of the machine at about 190 degrees but cooled down quickly once it hit the mug, measuring about 175 degrees. At the lowest temperature setting, the coffee came out at about 185 degrees and cooled to about 170 degrees in the coffee cup.

youtube thumbnail

Over Ice Setting For Ice Coffee Lovers

Some of the newer machines also have a setting to brew coffee over ice. The water will start out hot for full flavor brewing and then adjusts to a lower temperature for less ice melt. When tested by Just a Dad, the coffee came out at about 180 degrees, and with a full cup of ice, chilled to about 43 degrees quite quickly. Keep in mind this coffee will be a bit lighter as it’s watered down with the ice.

Plain Hot Water With Your Keurig Machine

You can also use your machine to create hot water, either by using the hot water button on some models or “brewing” without a k-cup in the chamber on others. While this water will not be boiling, it is hot enough to use for things like tea, instant noodles, or oatmeal.

Keurig Machines Reach The Perfect Temperature For K-Cups

The experts at Keurig continue to come up with new ways to make brewing coffee even easier for us. The machines are made to brew the perfect cup of coffee using k-cups, so we trust them that these are the perfect temperatures for the Keurig system. Not only can these machines give us an instant cuppa joe, but they also give us instant hot water for other uses.

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