Can You Make Your Own K Cups for Keurig?


Have you ever wondered how to make your own K-Cups for Keurig? Well, now it’s time to learn how the easy way. Maybe you run out of K-Cups frequently and want a crafty way to make your own just in case. Maybe you want to stop buying boxes of K-Cups every other week and start making your own stuff. Whatever the reason, let’s learn how to make your own K-Cups for Keurig!

There are a few ways to do this. You can’t literally make your own K-Cups unless you have the exact machine that Keurig has at their factory to make thousands and thousands of them. It’s just not feasible. But what you can do is purchase the My K-Cups reusable filter holders – or you can recycle used K-Cups.

Reusable My K-Cups

With the reusable K-Cups, you simply add your own coffee grounds into the K-Cup, stick it in your machine, and press the button. It really is that easy. Plus, you can reuse the same K-Cup over and over again. If you want a whole bunch of them handy, simply buy 5 or 6 reusable K-Cups and prep them all at once.

You repoduce the best Starbucks k cup by purchasing the exact same Starbucks ground coffee and add it to your reusable K-Cup for a fraction of the cost!

This is honestly the best way to make your own K-Cups for Keurig. You can have all different kinds of flavors, using many different kinds of coffee grounds. You can also sleep better knowing that you’re not wasting thousands of K-Cups every year, many of which probably end up dumped in the ocean.

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Recycling Used K-Cups

The other way you can make your own K-Cups is by reusing old K-Cups. The process behind doing this is a bit more complex than just buying reusable K-Cups. However, it’s also 100% free.

Save every last K-Cup that you use. Buy your normal box of K-Cups and when you finish making a coffee, cut the foil top off, empty the coffee grounds in the garbage, rinse out the plastic K-Cup shell, and put it aside for later.

Once you’ve run out of legitimate K-Cups, it’s time to go crazy. You’ll need to cut enough squares of tinfoil to cover each empty K-Cup shell that you’ve saved. The squares should be about 3 inches by three inches.

Now fill each one of the empty cups with your favorite coffee grounds. Fill them until the coffee is just a smidge under the cap. After you fill each K-Cup with your own grounds, use a tinfoil square to snugly fit over the opening of the cup, crimping it around the edges. You’ve now just recycled a whole box of K-Cups, turning them into your very own!

How Do You Make Keurig Coffee without a K-Cup?

Unfortunately, there is no actual way to make Keurig coffee without a K-Cup. You literally need to have a K-Cup to stick into the filter holder of the machine. The only thing you could ever try would be to wrap some coffee inside a paper filter, stuff the paper filter with the coffee into the filter holder where the K-Cup normally goes, then activate the machine.

Theoretically, hot water will stream through the coffee grounds and produce something that resembles coffee. It most certainly isn’t going to taste like Keurig coffee. At most, it’s going to taste like really old instant coffee. But in theory, this is the only real way to brew coffee in a Keurig without a K-Cup.

Can I Make My Own Coffee in Keurig?

Yes, you can make your own coffee in a Keurig. You can put your own coffee grounds into a reusable coffee filter or you can recycle a K-Cup and fill it with your own personal coffee. These two methods are the only ways of brewing your own coffee using a Keurig machine.

What Can I Use Instead of K-Cup?

There are some cool products out there that are compatible with Keurig machines but aren’t actually K-Cups. For example, there are many reusable pods designed to fit with Keurig machines without being bad for the environment, usually BPA-free, lead-free, and sometimes even stainless steel.

Try brands like OneCoffee or Ekobrew. EZ-Cup offers BPA-free plastic capsules with compostable paper filters. Then there’s Uncommon Coffee Roasters who use totally compostable pods made from bamboo resin.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of alternatives to K-Cups. People all over the world are beginning to take more interest in the environment. For these people, throwing 2 or 3 K-Cups into a landfill every day is ridiculous. That’s why there are more and more eco-friendly options for K-Cups.

Do All K-Cups Fit All Keurigs?

All standard K-Cup packs are 100% compatible with all Keurigs. The only exception to this rule is that K-Carafe packs will only work with Keurig 2.0 brewing systems. That’s because the K-Carafe packs are designed to brew a full carafe of coffee instead of a single shot.

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