Can You Put Milk in a Keurig?


One of the biggest questions people ask is: Can you put milk in a Keurig? The answer is a resounding no! You should never pour milk into the water reservoir of your coffee maker. Sure, it will heat up the milk – but it will also ruin your machine.

In fact, you shouldn’t really put anything other than filtered water into your Keurig machine. It might seem convenient to use your Keurig to boil whatever you want, but it’s a great way to waste money by literally breaking your coffee maker.

That being said, there are options for adding warm milk to your coffee, especially the coffee you make using your Keurig. There are milk pods designed for the Keurig that brew in the exact same way K-Cup coffee brews. These are the best option for people who want hot milk.

The other way that we recommend warming your milk is by heating it in the microwave while brewing your coffee separately.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys milk-based drinks, you should definitely opt for a fancier Keurig, like the K-Café. You want a coffee maker that comes complete with a milk frother to prepare hot, foamy milk for both hot and cold drinks. Never try to put milk through something like the Keurig Mini!

What Happens if You Put Milk in a Keurig?

You shouldn’t put milk into a Keurig. If you don’t believe us, this is what happens when you run milk through the mechanisms inside the machine.

Not all the milk will come out. Some of it will stick in the reservoir and spoil. This will create a disgusting rotten smell every time you use the machine. But your Keurig won’t just stink when you use the machine. It will stink constantly. One cycle of milk through your Keurig will make it stink so badly that you’ll be forced to take it out of the kitchen and throw it outside.

If this happens by accident. Let’s say someone who doesn’t know any better tries to make hot chocolate in the Keurig using milk. The best course of action is to run straight vinegar through your Keurig. This isn’t normally recommended for cleaning. However, in the case of spoiled milk, it’s going to be your best option other than throwing the machine in the trash.

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Can You Make Hot Chocolate in a Keurig with Milk?

Adding milk is one of the best ways to turn a Keurig hot chocolate from ordinary to amazing. Milk is the key ingredient in transforming a Keurig hot chocolate into a tasty treat just like what you get at your local coffee shop.

Unfortunately, the only way to do this is by adding warm milk into the cup of hot chocolate that you’ve already made in the Keurig machine. Never run the milk through the machine. Always heat your milk separately, either with a frother or in the microwave, then add it to your beverage.

Keurig has a standalone frother designed especially for this. The good news is that it’s designed to work with all machines.

The added warm milk will make your hot chocolate thicker and creamier. You can also use any type of milk you want. Just make sure you heat it separately.

Can You Put Other Liquids in a Keurig?

You can put any liquid you want into a Keurig. The only issue is that if you put anything into your Keurig that’s not water, it will be destroyed. Something like milk or alcohol will destroy the internal components of your Keurig, not to mention make it stink.

The only liquid you should ever put into a Keurig is water. Use hot water to brew coffee, to make oatmeal, to cook some instant noodles, or even to make rice. Just don’t put any other liquid into it. Keurig machines are not designed for anything other than water. And even then, you should try to avoid tap water and use only filtered or bottled water when brewing coffee.

Does the Keurig Frother Heat the Milk?

Keurig’s milk frother is an amazing tool that creates perfectly frothed milk for all your favorite milk-based beverages. And yes, the Keurig frother does heat the milk. The frother can be used for both hot and cold beverages, including your favorite lattes and cappuccinos.

The Keurig milk frother is easy to grip, it has a pouring spout that doesn’t spill, and it fits up to 200 milliliters of your favorite milk or non-dairy substitute. If you want your milk frothed hot, be sure to have it set to hot. If you want your milk frothed cold, just switch to the cold setting! It really is that easy.

Perhaps one of the coolest things you can do with the Keurig milk frother is to add a few drops of food coloring before hitting the froth button. This is a fun way to add a colorful milk froth to your favorite coffee beverage, such as pink or red. With the Keurig milk frother, the creativity is in your hands.

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