Can You Use Original Nespresso Pods in Vertuo Machine?

use of original nespresso pods in vertuo machine

The Nespresso Vertuo machine offers a huge amount of variety when it comes to how you brew your coffee. But unfortunately, you are not able to use the original Nespresso pods in a Vertuo machine.

When using a new and improved Vertuo machine, you must use the Nespresso Vertuo pods, which are different from the original Nespresso pods.

But that’s not totally a bad thing. Vertuo pods actually come in a wide variety of different sizes. It all depends on what type of machine you have and what kind of coffee you’re interested in making.

There are five pod sizes for new Vertuo machines. Plus, the machine actually uses the exact same amount of water regardless of pod size. The different pod sizes merely determine how intense the flavor of your coffee is going to be. For example, espresso is always going to be the strongest, with Alto XL (a 14-ounce coffee) being the mildest.

For the full range of differences, be sure to drop by our Nespresso Vertuo vs Original review.

What Coffee Pods are Compatible with Nespresso Vertuo?

Can you use original Nespresso pods in VertuoLine? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The new capsules used for Nespresso VertuoLine machines are made differently than pods for the Nespresso OriginalLine machines. This means you can’t switch back and forth between pods.

The big difference is in the shape. VertuoLine capsules are dome shaped. This means no matter how hard you try, they’re not going to fit into a Nespresso OriginalLine machine. The same goes the other way around. You can only use original with original and VertuoLine with VertuoLine.

But Vertuo still offers a huge list of compatible coffee pods. Some of the most popular pods come from Starbucks, with the company offering many blends, from Sumatra to Espresso Roast to Decaffeinated Espresso.

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Which Nespresso Machine is Better: Original or Vertuo?

When it comes down to which Nespresso machine is better, the VertuoLine coffee makers have a better range for brewing. There are five unique sizes for brewing coffee, making the Vertuo better for those who want more variety with their coffee.

That being said, OriginalLine coffee makers offer far more options for brewing. They have way more third-party coffee capsules for brewing a wider array of flavors. The only difference is that they all come in a single size. It’s really about choosing between more flavor varieties or more size varieties.  

Can you use Nespresso Original pods in Vertuo? The answer to this is absolutely not. Unfortunately, you can only use the capsules designed for the specific machine that you own. You cannot switch between them. Can Nespresso Vertuo Use Original Pods? No, it can’t! Can you use Vertuo capsules in Original Nespresso machines? No, you can’t do that either!

Do Nespresso Pods Fit All Machines?

Assuming that your Nespresso pods are the same size, they will fit in the same machine. Where this becomes confusing is when switching between different coffee machine lines, like from Vertuo to Original. The pods are shaped differently, meaning you can’t use one shape of pod with another machine. If you’re asking something like, can I use Original Nespresso pods in the VertuoLine? the answer is no because the pods are shaped differently.

For lovers of Keurig, sadly, you can use your k cups here either.

Can You Use Your Own Coffee in Nespresso Vertuo?

Technically, you cannot use your own coffee with the Nespresso Vertuo. This is because the Vertuo machines brew coffee by identifying a barcode on the Nespresso capsule that you place inside the unit.

You can’t actually put your own coffee grounds into the machine. It’s a single-serve brewer and only works with compatible pods.

However, you can cheat the system to reuse Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods with your own grounds. It just takes a little creativity. But by reusing the pods, you can easily save a lot of money every month instead of buying new pods.

How Do You Use Your Own Coffee with Nespresso Vertuo?

Reusing your Nespresso Vertuo pods by filling them with your own coffee grounds can be done in four easy steps and it doesn’t take any longer than five minutes. You also only need a single Vertuo capsule to make it work, along with any reusable cap and paper filters.

Keep in mind that the reusable caps and paper filters are often sold separately from third-party dealers. Nespresso doesn’t actually want you cheating like this!

The first step is to use a Vertuo capsule. Brew a coffee and then take the empty capsule out of the capsule holder. Dust the capsule off and rip open the foil lid. Empty out the soaked coffee and clean out the inside, leaving you with an empty capsule ready to be reused.

Place the empty capsule into the capsule holder and then fill it with your very own finely ground coffee. Be sure that you tamp the ground tightly into the capsule for optimal brewing.

Now place the paper filter over the coffee grounds and add the reusable cap that you purchased, probably from online. Close the handle and activate the machine. Your Vertuo will now brew your own ground coffee!

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