Can You Use Keurig Cups More than Once?


Have you ever wondered how many times you can make coffee with the same Keurig cup? Anyone who’s tried to use a Keurig K-Cup more than once knows exactly what happens when you reuse the same cup with the same coffee inside it. The results are not good.

Unfortunately, Keurig cups are designed to be used only once. They are single-serve cups that make one cup of very good coffee. If you use the Keurig K-Cup a second time, trying to sneak in a free refill, you’re going to be left with a weaker, far more disgusting coffee.

This might be OK for people who enjoy weak coffee, or for those who use ample amounts of cream and sugar. With enough sugar, you can hide the sour taste of the reused K-Cup. But for those who drink their coffee black, running a pre-used Keurig cup through the machine a second time is basically like putting your head in the toilet.

In short, you can definitely use a Keurig cup more than once. At max, you can use it twice. But the second time you use it, your coffee is going to be watery, gross, weak, and not very much like coffee at all.

Can You Reuse Keurig Cups?

Sadly, even the best tea k cups and coffee k cups were never designed to be reused. The company’s entire model is you buying infinite cups to satiate an ever-growing demand for coffee. However, you can purchase your very own reusable Keurig cups. The most respected of all reusable cups for Keurig is the: Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.   

These coffee filters allow you to make as many cups of coffee as you want with your Keurig coffee maker without spending copious amounts of money on cups that you can only use once. This is a great reusable filter. It’s easy to wash. It lasts basically forever. Plus, you can feel good about yourself at night knowing that you’ve reduced damage to the environment!

 The only way to physically reuse an actual Keurig cup is to cut the top off it, dump the used coffee grounds into the garbage, give it a quick rinse and wash, then refill it with your own coffee grounds and make your own lid out of tinfoil. This is literally how you reuse a Keurig cup.

But unfortunately, that takes a lot of work and not everyone is into it. Reusable cups are much easier and faster. Plus, reusing the same Keurig cup over and over will eventually ruin it. Then you’ll need to buy another box of K-Cups!

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How Do You Use Reusable Keurig Cups?

Using the reusable Keurig cup is very easy. The reusable filter comes in four pieces. There’s the lid on the top, the filter basket that contains the coffee, the filter holder which goes directly into the Keurig machine, and the brewer adapter. The brewer adapter is handy when using different machines.

Its important to note that reusable Keurig Cup are designed to be used with Coffee only. It wont work with hot chocolate or green tea pods.

Keep in mind that the reusable K-Cup is made by Keurig, so it will fit perfectly in all of their Keurig brewers!

The first step is to remove the lid from the filter holder. Pop the lid off by turning it counterclockwise, then fill the empty filter basket with as much coffee as you want. The filter is designed only for ground coffee. Don’t use tea leaves or hot cocoa. Add as much coffee grounds as you’re comfortable with and then twist the lid back on.

Make sure the lid is flat and firmly seated before inserting the filter holder into the Keurig machine. But don’t turn the lid too far or it could snap off.

You need to remove the holder assembly from your Keurig before the reusable filter can go in. This means holding tight to your Keurig and pushing the housing up from below. The holder assembly should pop out easily. Once removed, there is space to add the reusable My K-Cup filter holder into the empty assembly position. Make sure that the arrow on your My K-Cup lid lines up with the arrow on the Classic Series brewer.

Now it’s time to brew. Lower the brewer handle and hit the activate button!

How Many Cups Can a Keurig Pod Make?

A Keurig K Cup can only make one cup of delicious coffee or tea. The second cup is always going to be abominable. However, they have invented new K-Carafe pods which can make between four and five cups of your favorite coffee. The only catch is that you need a newer Keurig 2.0 machine to use these special pods.

How Long Do Reusable K-Cups Last?

A reusable K-Cup should theoretically last forever. We’re talking about plastic and hot water. The hot water drips through the coffee grounds, liquid coffee filters through the hole at the bottom of the cup – all that goodness goes into your coffee mug. There’s no reason why a reusable K-Cup can’t last the entire life of your Keurig machine, if not longer.

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