The Top Ten Types of Filtered Coffee

types of filtered coffee

For something that seems so simple, choosing the right type of filtered coffee can be rather confusing. There are so many types of filtered coffee as well as coffee filters to choose from.

If you are curious about the different types available right now, you have come to the right place. Here, we review ten types of filtered coffee. These are made with unique methods, have unique characteristics, and appeal to certain kinds of people. We bare all in this post. In the end, you will have enough information about the different types that you can drink, which is the first step in choosing the best one for you or your family.

Type #1 – Pour Over Filtered Coffee

Pour-over coffee is one of the most popular types of filtered coffee.

It is brewed by pouring hot water through coffee grounds in a filter. The water passes through the grounds, drains through, and filters into a mug. It is also referred to as drip or filter coffee.

A significant difference between this type of filtered coffee and others is that it is manual. This means that the coffee is brewed by hand pouring water over the coffee. That is why it is also known as manual brewing. To brew correctly, pour about twice the amount of water to the ground coffee and stir gently. Do this for about 30 seconds. When pouring, ensure that you pour in steady spirals.

This type of filtered coffee is best enjoyed by people that want more control over the final taste of their coffee. When done correctly, the coffee is clean, consistent, and clear. The filter catches plenty of oils, which ensures a clean cup.

  • Grind Type Used: Medium-coarse grind
  • Coffee Machine Required: Dripper
  • Filter Type + Filter Cost: Cone filter ($20)
  • Coffee Strength1:17 (coffee to water weight ratio)

Type #2 – Flash Brew Coffee

Flash brew coffee is also known as Japanese Iced coffee. The method of brewing this type of filtered coffee is quite similar to how you make cold brew coffee – however, there are certain differences.

Flash brew coffee is chilled quickly to lock in the most flavor. It is also served over ice. This technique uses less hot water than other methods, and the coffee is dripped right over ice. To brew it, first boil water and let it cool. Then add your ground coffee to the filter and pour hot water to saturate the coffee. Wait for about 30 seconds before you start pouring water in a circular motion. After pouring all the water, let the filter drain totally then enjoy your cup of coffee however you like.

It is best enjoyed by people who want all the flavors of a hot cup of coffee but with the benefit of enjoying it on hot days.

  • Grind Type Used: Coarse grind type
  • Coffee Machine Required: Aeropress
  • Filter Type + Filter Cost: Paper filter ($22)
  • Coffee Strength: 1:13

Type #3 – French Press Coffee

French Press coffee is a brewing method that involves the use of equipment known as the French Press. A French Press is a combination of a plunger and filter. This equipment lets you brew ground coffee by brewing, pressing and straining.

After brewing the coffee, the ground coffee beans are pressed to the bottom of the container, which will strain out bold coffee for you.

The French Press is a total immersion device that brews full-bodied coffee with more oils and fines in the final product, leaving you with a sandy mouthfeel.

This type of filtered coffee is enjoyed by people that want something stronger than regular coffee. It gives a stronger flavor because of the fine mesh screen filter, which lets the grind’s fines find their way into the carafe.

  • Grind Type Used: Medium coarse grind type
  • Coffee Machine Required: French Press Coffee Maker
  • Filter Type + Filter Cost: Metal filter ($15)
  • Coffee Strength: 1:15

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Type #4 – Cold Brew Coffee

There are different ways to make cold, iced coffee at home, but perhaps the most popular and beloved is the cold brew method. It is a relatively simple option that has you simply mixing ground coffee with chilled water and dropping the mixture in the refrigerator for a day. You then strain this mixture with the paper filters to derive the strong concentrate that you can drink immediately or store for up to two weeks.

It is similar to iced coffee. However, iced coffee is hot coffee chilled with ice or refrigerated. Cold brew coffee is brewed without using hot water. It is never heated, and features a higher coffee to water ratio than your typical drip coffee brew.

This brewing method is excellent for people that want to prepare their coffee in big batches. Apart from that, if you crave incredible tasting coffee with very little bitterness or acidity, then this is just right for you.

  • Grind Type Used: Large, coarse grind
  • Coffee Machine Required: No special machine required
  • Filter Type + Filter Cost: Paper filters ($6)
  • Coffee Strength: 1:8

Type #5 – Espresso

If you love coffee, chances are pretty high that you have heard of or even tasted espresso. It is a common type of filtered coffee. This drink is a concentrated type of coffee that is often served in strong, small shots. It is brewed from regular coffee beans. However, the brewing process comes as a thicker, more robust, more caffeinated alternative to regular coffee. However, since it comes in small shots, it contains lower caffeine in each serving.

To brew espresso, you have to force pressurized hot water through coffee beans that have been finely ground. For the best results, you will require a quality espresso machine. When brewed correctly, it has all the markings and flavour of coffee, with the advantage of amplifying these sweet, acidic, and toasty flavors. You should note, though, that the exact profile will depend on the roast of coffee.

Espresso is enjoyed by those that love a strong cup of coffee that is rich in all the flavors.

  • Grind Type Used: Fine grind
  • Coffee Machine Required: Espresso machine
  • Filter Type + Filter Cost: Paper filters ($14)
  • Coffee Strength: 1:2

Type #6 – Café Americano

The Café Americano is a relatively new type of filtered coffee. It is made by adding hot water to a shot of espresso. The hot water dilutes the strong espresso, reducing the concentration while giving a drip’s cup volume. With this type of drink, you still enjoy the rich flavors of espresso.

How is it brewed? It might seem like just adding hot water to an espresso, but there is more to that. After getting good beans, fine grind the beans with a grinder. Ensure that it is really fine. Afterward, tamp the grind and make an espresso. Then, pour the espresso into the water, and not the other way round. You can brew this drink without an espresso machine, but you will not have the required pressure to make a good espresso. If you don’t have an espresso machine, you could use an Aeropress.

The Café Americano is best enjoyed by people that want their espresso with a lighter texture and more volume.

  • Grind Type Used: Really fine grind
  • Coffee Machine Required: Espresso machine or Aeropress
  • Filter Type + Filter Cost: Paper filter ($14)
  • Coffee Strength: 1:2

Type #7 – Café Lungo

The Café Lungo has its basis in the espresso. However, one main difference is that it has a longer extraction time. Thus, at the end of the brewing, you have a coffee drink that isn’t as full-bodied as the espresso. It is also more bitter than the espresso.

To brew the Café Lungo, you will need the same amount of coffee used in making an espresso. So, follow the same procedures for making the espresso. However, you will add twice as much water in the Café Lungo when it comes to adding water. The higher volume of water lengthens the preparation time – a vital part of preparing this type of coffee. Since the preparation time is lengthened, the coffee beans are coarser to prevent making the drink too bitter.

This drink is enjoyed by those that want their coffee more bitter than a shot of espresso.

  • Grind Type Used: Coarser grind
  • Coffee Machine Required: Espresso Machine
  • Filter Type + Filter Cost: Paper filter ($14)
  • Coffee Strength: 1:4

Type #8 – Ristretto

The Ristretto is the opposite of the Lungo. Where the Lungo has the preparation time lengthened, the Ristretto has a shorter preparation period. In simple terms, this drink is a shortened espresso. To that end, there are two ways to create this drink with your espresso.

The first brewing method involves using more coffee but the same grandness. In this method, the grind of the mill is the same, but you use more coffee. Some recommend using 1 gram of coffee for 1 ml of water.

In the second brewing method, you use the same amount of coffee. The difference is that the grind is much more refined. This brewing process provides a drink with more bitter notes.

This drink is best enjoyed by those that want a coffee drink thicker than espresso. Because of the brewing method, it might have more crema. It is also easier to drink than the espresso.

  • Grind Type Used: Fine grind
  • Coffee Machine Required: Espresso machine
  • Filter Type + Filter Cost: Paper filter ($14)
  • Coffee Strength: 1:2.5

Type #9 – AeroPress Filtered Coffee

AeroPress filtered coffee is a coffee drink that is made using the AeroPress machine. The AeroPress is a brewer that has a piston mechanism.

In preparing this coffee, the piston forces the coffee through a paper filter right into a waiting cup. Because of the design, it will only brew one cup of coffee at a time. However, the portability and durable nature make the device a good choice for people on the go.

You can use two methods to brew with the AeroPress. The first method involves placing the device on a cup, filling it with water and coffee and using the piston to press down. The other brewing method begins withstanding the machine upside down on top of the plunger, filling it with coffee and water, and then turning it onto the cup before pressing.

This filtered coffee is excellent for anyone that enjoys clean, flavorful coffee. The coffee has a good balance of body and clarity.

  • Grind Type Used: Fine Grind
  • Coffee Machine Required: AeroPress Machine
  • Filter Type + Filter Cost: AeroPress paper filters $22)
  • Coffee Strength: 1: 16.7

Type #10 – Chemex Filtered Coffee

Chemex filtered coffee is simply coffee brewed with a Chemex Coffeemaker.

Brewing coffee with this equipment is simple. To use the Chemex, start by folding the filter paper into the Chemex. Rinse the paper with hot water and dispense the water that passes through. Grind your coffee and place it in the filter. Gently pour boiling water through the coffee; as you pour, stir the mixture to ensure that all the grounds are wet. Pour the rest of the water in three batches until you have poured the whole 400g. Afterward, remove the filter and enjoy your Chemex filtered coffee.

This coffee is for people that enjoy a clear cup that highlights the sweetness of the coffee. Because of the thick Chemex filter, there is almost no chance of unpleasant bitterness finding its way into your cup of coffee.

  • Grind Type Used: Medium-coarse
  • Coffee Machine Required: Chemex Coffeemaker
  • Filter Type + Filter Cost: Chemex Paper Filters ($9)
  • Coffee Strength: 1:17

Final Thoughts

The term ‘filtered coffee’ can be a tad confusing, especially since almost all coffee is filtered in one way or another. In this post, though, we have shown the difference between ten of the most common types of filtered coffee. Filtered coffee is an exciting way to enjoy coffee and try out new things. Why don’t you go through our list and see if you can pick one or two types of coffee you haven’t tried out before? We are sure you’ll enjoy the taste!

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