win win coffee bar

It with loving embrace that we welcome w/n w/n coffee bar’s website to the Wins Coffee family. Win Win Coffee Bar (who still operate to this day) faithfully serve the community of Philadelphia with fresh food and specialty coffee.

Win Win Coffee Bar was found in early 2015 with a strong focus on being owned and run by the collective of individuals who operated the business (known as a workers cooperative). In order to own a share of the business an employee will need to have worked for a minimum of 6 months, then a collective decision is made whether to permit the individual.

From humble beginnings, Win Win Coffee Bar grew to reach bigger heights. You could start your day there with a solid breakfast, stay with your laptop to get some work done, order a philly cheesesteak for lunch, then be sipping cocktails at their bar come 9pm.

Win Win Coffee Bar’s website served many helpful articles on their website from how to find the best priced espresso maker to tips and tricks on how to make the most from your brewing experience. We have incorporated may of the articles and refreshed the content along the way.

Below you will find links to the most popular articles –

Espresso & Coffee Machines:

#1 – In Win’s Guide to the best espresso machine under 200, you’ll find 2022’s best performing espresso makers designed to give you a superior extraction without the hefty price tag. Here you will find independently tested espresso makers from De’Longhi, Chefman & Mr. Coffee to name a few.

#2 – In Win’s Guide to the 10 Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods, we take a close up look at 2022’s best single serve options to make a hot cup of coffee without the need for pods. We review popular machine’s by Hamilton Beach, Ninja, Black & Decker and many more.

#3 – In Win’s Guide to Nespresso vs Keurig, we explore the many differences between the two popular brands. We explore how each extracts coffee; their two most popular machines and what brand best serves who.

#4 – In Win’s Guide to Keurig 1.0 vs 2.0, we explore the key updates made to Keurig’s newer line of coffee makers. Best of all is gone are the limitations on who you can purchase pods from and Keurig have made positive improvements on how coffee is extracted.

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